Prefatory: Questions and Answers

Welcome to my self-profile. Task One.


List the two subjects you like most in school. Give 10 reasons why you like them.

English Literature and Biology. I just (1) love analysing texts from different perspectives and (2) trying to deconstruct and reconstruct back a piece of work. I’ve (3) always had a natural interest in poetry and (4) identifying the art, moral teachings, and life lessons a piece of written work could bring. (5) There is so much more than what meets the eye when you peer deeper than the surface of the words.

Similarly, in Biology, (6) we learn about small minute details in the body that most people would overlook and under-appreciate. (7) It gives you a scientific outlook on life in comparison to English Literature. (8) I find the subject very interesting, especially in terms of evolution and DNA. (9) My knowledge in Biology may very well end up useful in the future. (10) I have a natural enthusiasm for learning sciences and reading about recent discoveries or research.

List activities in which you participate regularly (sports, music, drama, etc.). Give at least 3 goals you would like to achieve.

Running, listening to music, and creative writing. I would like to train my stamina and endurance for long distance running, get out of my comfort zone and rekindle my love for singing, master at least two new songs on the piano by the end of the academic year, and expand my interest in writing to public speaking and being able to talk in any situation in front of any number of people.

State two careers that interest you. Give 10 reasons why you think these would be a good career for you.

Solicitor and psychologist. (1) I believe that I have the analytical skills needed to study evidence and present an argument based on it. (2) I believe that I am hardworking and studious enough to always make it a point to know my material and case studies inside and out. (3) I genuinely want to help my clients get the justice that they deserve, and to help them with whatever I can offer. (4) I believe that I will always work hard while abiding to the rules despite having to face whatever challenges or obstacles. (5) I have an interest in the judicial system and am willing to work in any field of law.

Also, (6) I have a great empathy when it comes to other people. (7) I believe that I am able to slowly put myself in somebody else’s shoes and understand fairly on what they must be feeling and going through. (8) I am interested in the natural predisposition of a person’s mental state and would like to go into that sort of study and research. (9) I genuinely want to help another person to the best of my abilities and (10) try to lessen their burdens and pain.

List 5 (school/local community/global) problems that concern you. Explain how you would convince your best friend that he/she should take action to solve one of these problems.

Global warming, religious conflicts, gender inequality, the fishing methods of fisheries and human trafficking. I would tell them that global warming (or climate change) is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system, and explain how the emission of greenhouse gases is the largest human influence for this.

I will give them examples of recent extreme weathers (linked to global warming) such as hurricane Irma (with 55 fatalities as of September 5th) and hurricane Harvey (with 71 confirmed fatalities) which were both formed within the past month. I will also tell them about the melting of ice caps in Antarctica and the annual rise in sea level.

However, global warming in reality is in fact irreversible at the point in time, we can still do whatever we can to start good habits and cultivate awareness and a care for the world in the current and younger generations.

Explain what you would like to learn more about and why?

I would like to learn more about the world and the people living in it; from how it came to be to how and why it has developed into the world that we experience today. I would like to learn about the theories developed for the creation of the universe and the politics and judicial laws enforced worldwide. This is because I have a genuine fascination for life and the world. I would also like to venture into the human mind and find out why people think, believe and perceive things in a certain yet varying way. I would also like to learn more about other people’s culture and religions.

Explain the meaning and significance of one of these quotes. If you can, give a personal application/example of what this means:

My Quote: Genius is 1% talent and 99% hardwork. – Albert Einstein.

Meaning: When it comes to success, it isn’t all about talent. It’s more importantly about perseverance and hardwork.

Significance: It emphasises on consistency rather than just relying on the individual’s natural predisposition of being good at something.

Example: This quote relates to other quote from Albert Einstein, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay on problems longer.”

His success and theories would not have happened or been completed if he had given up halfway. Consistency, hardwork and perseverance is much more effective than just effortless talent.


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