Prefatory: What is your plan for the year?

Welcome to my self-profile. Slide Three.


What are your interests? – Music, reading, writing, helping others in however way I can, finding out new and interesting facts

What do you want to achieve in CAS this year? – Grow more as a person, successfully get out of my comfort zone, learn how to be more independent, learn new skills

What are your strengths? – Hardworking, up for challenges, happy-go-lucky, always does things to the best of my capabilities

What are your weaknesses? – Soft spoken, quite shy, easily influenced by others, indecisive, likes to work alone, tends to take up more roles/ activities than needed


Prefatory: Questions and Answers

Welcome to my self-profile. Slide Two.


List the two subjects you like most in school. Give 10 reasons why you like them.

English Literature and Biology. I just (1) love analysing texts from different perspectives and (2) trying to deconstruct and reconstruct back a piece of work. I’ve (3) always had a natural interest in poetry and (4) identifying the art, moral teachings, and life lessons a piece of written work could bring. (5) There is so much more than what meets the eye when you peer deeper than the surface of the words.

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